About Cynergy - HR Club

Cynergy, the HR Club of FIIB, was built to educate and inform the budding managers-leaders of business world the importance of human resource in organizations and motivate these resources to drive global change in their organizations. The club highlights the potential of human capital management by covering pertinent topics/themes at lectures and networking events; topics/themes range from change management to the intersection of business and human capital strategy to building and maintaining high-performance organizations.

Objectives of HR Club:
1. To groom the budding professionals with adequate practical/industry knowledge apart from classroom study
2. To enable young aspiring HR professionals to contribute to the field of HR

3. To generate awareness of and appreciation of HR role of non-HR professionals
4. To provide platform for Industry and Academia to meet and discuss importance of HR and areas that can be developed for broadening the scope of the domain

About FIIB

Fortune Institute of International Business (www.fiib.edu.in) is a well established business school of repute in New Delhi, which is committed to provide high quality management education focusing specially on leadership development and ‘high employability’ among its graduates. The Institute ensures a high-quality learning experience through its commitment to excellence and innovative learning approach realized through 4 key pillars: (a) a reflective and rigorously designed industry – need based curriculum delivered with a learner-centric approach; (b) active collaborative teaching/ research among FIIB’s academic network partners [University of Tampere, Finland; INPAQT, Netherlands, and Sam Walton University; (c) learning experience which goes beyond the classroom; and (d) sustained recruiter relationships for pull-based graduate employability.